• Snowshoe Hiking

hike through the winter

Away from the crowds and noises, surrounded by the pristine, glittering winter landscape and in absolute silence, you experience the true beauty of nature - this sort of thing could be the introduction to a snowshoe hiking brochure. As cheesy as these phrases may sound, it is all true.

The snowshoe hiking experts in Saalbach-Hinterglemm know precisely where these hidden places are located.

Professional Hiking Guides

Professional mountain, ski or hiking guides have great advice, they can also assess the weather conditions and determine the danger level of snow or an avalanche. They know their region inside and out.

A danger warning concerning an avalanche should never be underestimated especially if it is out of the secured area of the slope.

Having a guide accompany you is not only safer but is also more informative. He gladly shares information about the surrounding mountains, gives tips and tricks on how to walk correctly with snowshoes. He can also determine the fitness of participants and the distance that they should be able to cover (because you are only done when you reach back down). 

a trip into nature

A snowshoe hike is certainly a trip into nature and often into oneself. When everything around you is quiet and you are in perfect peace and harmony, the body becomes accustomed to the constant movement and the thoughts calm slowly. Then you become immersed in a world that suddenly makes you grateful.

One also starts to take things to be true that one has not seen or realized before: The animal tracks in the snow, the icicles at the lodge, the different crystals on the snow surface, the light-shadow play of the trees.

The experience is so beautiful that it is highly recommended to make them. It is really simple, all you have to do is take a few hours from everyday life and immerse yourself in this world of nature that gives so much strength and energy that lasts for days, sometimes even weeks.