• Cross Country Skiing

the trails of the Glemmtal

On a personal whim one can enjoy a workout on the trails of the Glemmtal, whether it be a heart pounding adventure taking the rounds on the slope or a leisurely cruise to enjoy the environment.

Cross-country skiing is a wonderful winter sport for both the young and old, for the body, mind and soul. It strengthens almost all muscle groups and goes easy on the joints.

One of the greatest conveniences of this sport is guaranteed the sense of infinite peace. Through the constant movement along the diverse terrain, you discover the many facets of the beautiful landscape.

You can hear the chirping of birds, the rush of a stream and then you hear nothing only the sound of your own breath that is in harmony with the melody of nature.

Spring, single race, mass start, marathon, skiathlon, and ski jumping

Cross-country skiing is also often used for endurance and stamina training. The constant change in the types of slopes from ascents and descents to long flat passages makes it easy for one to accomplish 10,20,30,40 or even more kilometer. A specialized and appropriate plan is developed based on the person’s stamina and perseverance.

Cross-country skiing as a performance sport is very popular in its various disciplines such as spring, single race, mass start, marathon, skiathlon, and ski jumping.

But also related sports such as the biathlon, Ski-orienteering, roller skis, Nordic Blading and Nordic walking are popular among athletes and fans.

It is precisely because of the live sports broadcasts that cross-country sports achieve a large audience. Full of excitement they pursue and follow their favorites before the screens or live at the big events. 

various country and valley trails

In Saalbach-Hinterglemm athletes have two country trails to choose from: the 10-km long valley trail with a 100 meters difference in altitude or the 2-km altitude-track-Hinterglemm. To reach the altitude track the cable car will be used, the track is located 1100-1400 meters above sea level.

Even outside of the Glemmtal there are seemingly endless cross-country skiing opportunities available. The athletes benefit from a 20 km long gentle ski trails and 12 km medium to difficult country trails in Maishofen.

And for those of us who are rather night owls than early birds there is a night time cross-country ski trail.