• Golf

a golfer's paradise

It may sound unbelievable but it is true: In a radius of just 80 km there are 17 unique and sophisticated  variety of golf courses:

  • Golf Club Zell am See
  • Kaprun Golf Club 
  • Gut Brandlhof
  • Urslautal Golf Club
  • Golfclub Mittersill-Stuhlfelden 
  • Golf Club Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee
  • Golf Club Kitzbühel (Kaps)
  • Golf & Country Club Rasmushof 
  • Golf Eichenheim 
  • Golf course Kitzbühel Alps Westendorf
  • Golfclub Wilder Kaiser-Ellmau, Kaiser Golf Kössen
  • Limitless golf course Reit im Winkl-Kössen
  • golf course Walchsee-Moarhof
  • Golf Club Gastein
  • Open Golf St . Johann Alpendorf 
  • Goldegg Golf Club
  • Golf Club Radstadt Tauern Golf

Our hotel Interstar is therefore an excellent starting point to begin the conquest of the Greens in the inner Alpine Area. And the best part is that our guests profit from a 20% green fee discount.

Judging by the high density of excellent golf courses one can deduce the popularity of the sport. The beautiful grounds and the many positive, social aspects make the golfing experience for young and old what it is.

Because not many other sport connects and promotes cooperation as much as golf. Of course you play golf for yourself, but never alone. During a round of golf you learn to know one another better.

"Play a round of golf with me and I'll tell you who you are." Immediately it becomes clear as to how someone deals with success, failure and stressful situations.

family sport

The nice thing about golf is that it is optimally suited as a family sport. Quality Time with the family has become rare. Daily life often prevents us on having fun experiences with the family.

When golfing you spend several hours together on the court and it does not matter with which handicap one plays. You can learn from each other, taking each other into consideration, promoting and motivating each other, making everything more fun. During the breaks, one finds time to talk to each other.

Whoever agrees with the prejudice that golf is not a sport, but is rather something suitable for pensioners and old folks, should simply accompany a golfer on a 18 - hole round on an average challenging golf course.

One has to walk over 10 km and also one uses a lot of effort (it is claimed that there are 124 of 434 muscles used in ONE golfswing). To get the ball across a distance of 100 meters this is normally done over 50 times.

Even well-trained athletes are somewhat exhausted after a game of golf. Something to note is that you burn up to 1700 calories in the process.

Several golf courses have adjusted themselves to meet specific customer requirements. At Golf Club Gut Brandlhof one can bring the dog along. Thus, man’s best friend is also there creating even more happiness. Golf - a sport for the body, mind and soul.