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The customer is king

We are proud of our team members. They are totally committed to their work and our guests – each in his or her own department and all of them together as a team. Many of them have been working at the hotel for many years, and all of them help to create the hotel’s trademark convivial atmosphere.

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Jürgen Dobner (Manager)

A persistent genius who drives the team to deliver the best results – every day. He is also an enthusiastic show chef
Tel.: +43 (0) 6541 7815-63 | j.dobner(at)hotel-interstar.com


Jana Dobner (Manager)

An understanding boss with a big heart. She wants to give the guests a piece of heaven, if that is what they want, and wants to make the impossible possible.
Tel.: +43 (0) 6541 7815-63 | jana.dobner@hotel-interstar.com


Peter Cupak (Empfangschef)

The right hand of the Manager. He always has an eye on everything and keeps his cool in all situations. He will welcome you with enthusiasm and a lot of charm. A language genius who speaks english, french, spanish, german, czech, russian and italian.
Tel.: + 43 (0) 6541 7815-62 | p.cupak@hotel-interstar.com


Erwin Leitgeb (executive chef)

He is like a magician – every day conjuring up delicacies to satisfy even the most gourmet tongues. He is happy when the guests are happy


Tomas Kristof (chef)

A colleague from Prague works with us in the summer season. His passion for cooking is clearly felt in our kitchen, and his dishes are truly an experience.


Rita Henkes (Receptionist)

You couldn't ask for a better receptionist than Rita. She is always in a good mood and takes care of our guests with great enthusiasm.


Manuel Lessl (Waiter, Barkeeper)

Happy good mooded Manuel who is absolutely commited to his work. His jolliness and great professionalism guarantees that the guests will enjoy themselves, as well as being treated to top-class service. This young man from Styria has a genuine eye for detail.


Vladimir Kveton (Waiter, Barkeeper) 

Since years Vladimir is making magic by creating cocktails at the bar and serving drinks with a big smile on his face.


Resi Fürstauer (Housekeeping)

The fighter against all dusty corners and dirt stains. Her team makes sure that all rooms are always spic-and-span. 


Milica Miskovic (Housekeeping)

Neatly ironed bed linen, shiny bathrooms – no problem for our experienced colleague who is always fully applied to what she is doing.


Micha Miskovic (Engineer)

The Go-To Man as far as gas, water and power is concerned. He is always at hand in the case of any problems


Jan Kupculik (Waiter, Allrounder)

Beds, rooms, linen – this experienced housekeeper is not afraid of anything. So would all the other Austrian hotels she has worked for gladly tell you. Early in the morning, when she is on her first round of the day, she is already aware of every detail. And she will always listen to our guests’ wishes.


Thomas Czulag (Waiter)

A popular guy, always happy, who comes to work every year as the winter season starts. He works mornings and evenings, and his knowledge of wines and elegant serving style make him very popular with our guests.


Ramona Tippner (Housekeeping)

Beds, rooms, laundry - the seasoned housekeeping specialist does it all. Even other hotels in Austria appreciated her dedication. Always has an ear for the concerns of our guests.



Andrea Schmidt (Chamber Maid)

A friendly help to our housekeeping fairies. This young Hungarian is fast and precise, and her bright smile will win you over.


Martin Vallach (kitchen helper)

helps in the kitchen.